Elios supports customers throughout the whole process, from the design and the drafting of specifications to the realisation of the prototype and the final product.

"They supported our company all the way, from the initial concept to the prototype and the launch of the final product with unique professionalism and competence"
Giancarlo Pugliesi
Strategy Manager


Elios offers its skills and supports the customer every step of the way: from the design, to the drafting of the specifications, to the choice of the appropriate technology through prototyping, up to the creation of custom electronic boards, using ad-hoc strategies tailored to the customer’s needs.

Electronic systems design

This group includes Run-Time Reconfigurable systems, Embedded systems, but also Industry 4.0 digitalization. Thanks to the experience in FPGA-based systems, Elios is able to provide cutting-edge solutions for systems in which it is possible to change the structure and functionality of part of the system without interrupting its operation. The development of embedded systems, on the other hand, can concern both hardware and software. Elios has the skills to develop all these on-premises diagnostic and supervision systems, designed for the customer.

Software & firmware design

The software design ranges from the creation of HMI (Human-Machine Interface) applications and graphical interfaces for Linux-based systems, to the development of code for embedded systems used in the industrial, home automation and consumer sectors.


We support the customer throughout the whole process, from the design to the drafting of the specifications up to the realization of the prototype, application and industrialized product


From the idea to the product, without worry!

1. Idea

We discuss your idea with you, starting from a specific market need. An open and transparent brainstorming about possibilities.

3. Research

Starting from the solutions available on the market, we analyze the aspects of your project to improve its impact on the market.

5. Development

We use the latest technologies available to bring your product to life. You will keep up with the times, without a hitch.

2. Analysis

Before the actual research phase it is important to analyze and clearly frame the project and its possible areas of development.

4. Tech Specs

We assist you with the drafting of both technical and installation specifications. Nothing will be left to chance.

6. Validation

From the idea to the product, a direct line. Final verification is the ultimate goal of the products we develop. The customer’s satisfaction is our greatest return.


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