EliMaxUSB3 adds USB3 connettivity to your EliMax!

The USB3 extension integrates the Cypress EZ-USB FX3 ™ SuperSpeed chipset which provides the user with a 16bit programmable interface called GPIF ™ II (General Programmable InterFace II) which can be used to communicate with any processor, microcontroller, ASIC, image sensor or FPGA.


EliMaxUSB3 can be used in combination with other extensions such as, for example, the Camera extension. When EliMax is connected to EliMaxUSB3, the whole system can be powered by USB3.

Key Features

  • Size 4cm x 4cm
  • Use the CYUSB3013 chipset ARM9 with 512kB of RAM for data processing
  • Access to the ARM9 debug UART
  • GPIF ™ II interface – 16bit – 100MHz
  • 32 configurable endpoints
  • Ability to boot from I2C or SPI flash
  • Possible modification of the BOOT configuration
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