Elios is proud to introduce its first programmable platform, EliMax

EliMax is a powerful platform that can be used to develop custom solutions. No matter whether your application concerns Artificial Vision, Real-Time Systems or industrial automation, EliMax can be the heart of all these systems and beyond.


In 16cm2 it integrates an IntelPSG MAX10 FPGA, two 64Mbit HyperRAM, a 512Mbit QSPI flash, a 2kbit E2PROM and an inertial platform with 6DoF and a temperature sensor. On the connectivity side, EliMax integrates a physical ETH 10 / 100M, JTAG, and a FullSpeed USB connection managed by the integrated Cortex-M3. In addition, more than 100 high speed digital IOs for connecting all the necessary extensions. The ARM Cortex-M3 communicates with the FPGA via a high-performance SPI BUS and acts as a Power Management Unit in low-consumption applications. If that’s not enough, you can expand EliMax’s functionality by connecting one or more extensions. USB3, WiFi, high / low resolution CMOS sensors or drivers for brush or stepper motors. In addition, Elios will support you during the planning phase of your specific expansion.

Key Features

  • IntelPSG MAX10 FPGA with 50k Logic Elements
  • 2x64Mbit HyperRAM @ 200MBps
  • Inertial platform with 6DoF
  • Physical Ethernet 10 / 100M
  • 2kbit E2PROM
  • 512Mbit QSPI flash
  • STM32F302 M3 core @ 72MHz with FPU and DSP instructions
  • JTAG available for FPGA and micro-controller
  • Engine for SHA-256 encryption
  • Size 4cm x 4cm
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