EliCam improves our EliMax platform with a smart camera!

Elios is proud to present the EliCam! A powerful small format smart camera, only 4cm x 4cm. EliCam integrates a 1.2MP CMOS, B&W sensor capable of reaching 40fps in FullHD. Based on the EliMax programmable platform and equipped with the Camera extension, it offers a Full-Speed USB2.0. The entire system can be powered via the micro-USB connector.


This is the EliCam! A powerful 4cm x 4cm smart camera. It integrates a 2MP, B&W CMOS sensor capable of 40fps @ Full HD. Based on the EliMax platform, it provides a standard USB2.0 Full-Speed communication link

If a better performing communication protocol is needed, the EliMaxUSB3 extension can be added to obtain a USB3 SuperSpeed link. The M12 support for housing the lenses allows easy replacement of the lenses and the 8 high brightness LEDs (4 white and 4 infrared) can illuminate even the darkest scenes. Finally EliCam integrates 4 VL53L1X, one for each corner. The VL53L1X is a new time-of-flight (ToF) laser sensor that allows you to measure distances up to 4m. All in just 4cm x 4cm!

Key Features

  • Based on the EliMax platform
  • Compatibility with EliMaxUSB3 (optional)
  • 1.2MP CMOS sensor, Global Shutter with resolution up to 1280 × 960
  • 4 high brightness white LEDs
  • 4 high brightness infrared LEDs
  • 4 ToF distance sensors up to 4m
  • Support for mounting M12 lenses
  • Configuration E2PROM
  • BreadBoard
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