Come and check our GitHub resources!

On this page you will find some software resources that Elios has decided to freely share in the name of the Open Source philosophy.

Autore - Ing. Enrico Rossi

Born to host software projects and based on the open source software Git (conceived and developed by Linus Torvalds) GitHub is a web hosting platform. Halfway between a social network and a file repository, GitHub offers hosting plans for private software projects and open source software projects.

On this page you will find high-level libraries (Linux and Windows), low-level software drivers for micro-controllers, hardware peripherals to be integrated into your FPGA projects or entire applications developed by Elios both for its programmable platforms and for other commercial platforms. All this for the sake of Open Source!

Elios is not just industrial programming, try our Tombola (or Bingo if you want)!
Click here or on the image to download it and … HAVE FUN!

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