Elios innovation agenda

At Elios, we are constantly seeking for innovative solutions and original ideas to bring research prototypes and workbench to the market. In our effort in supporting more and more challenging projects from our customers, we need to constantly investigate and study on newer technologies and processes. As part of the product release schedule, we have programmed as follows:

Q4 2018

EliMax – A flexible and innovative all-in-one platform for industrial and automotive applications. In 16 cm2 dense and powerful technology, EliMax embeds all you might need for embedded image processing, motor control, data processing and communication.

For more details and application use-cases, see here the direct link to the product or contact us.

Q1 2019

EliCam – The first energy-aware autonomous Smart Camera. Choose the application, EliCam will do the though part. At the launch, it will be presented in two configuration:

  • Low resolution, high frame rate CMOS sensor — where images sampling rate matters (e.g., movements, segmentation)
  • High resolution, RGB CMOS sensor — where image fidelity matters (e.g., detections, quality control)

Please be patient, more details will come soon.

More to come in the following months, stay in touch.

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